Massage Services (relaxing, body-body, Nirvana)


Practiced in a relaxing atmosphere, relaxing massage is a particularly effective way to empty the stress women.

it allows also to permanently rejuvenate the body and mind, which paves the way for women to manage some annoyances with an amazing effect! The scope of a massage for a woman is really accentuated if done by a real professional masseur.

This type of massage is recommended at the end of the day when fatigue is greatest. Sensual massage for women is somewhat different out look. Very sensual, it brings a touch of eroticism while bringing the qualities of traditional massage.

For this type of massage, it is recommended to be completely naked and to let you go completely.

The intimate sensual massage for women includes all parts of the body, including the erogenous zones such as the buttocks, thighs, chest or the pubis. It is designed for women seeking ultimate relaxation while awakening the senses.



Woman Dating Service -  Male Escort Service - Adult Entertainment


A woman is always beautiful in the candlelight, so I suggest we dine by candlelight in a quiet and intimate place for excellence in a subdued atmosphere. The cuisine is refined and delicate. We talk about everything and anything, you, me, laughing heartily while enjoying a wine specially selected by me according to your expectations. We are all looking for that one person that will bring us what we lack in our lives, then for an evening, let yourself be carried away in a whirlwind of happiness with someone who will fill the little touches which will make you forget your worries. Romantique getaway on an evening alone together where you can enjoy a magical and unforgettable moment.



Why would woman need a sex coach?


Because no one is taught what they really need to know – how to know yourself and what you want, how to communicate easily and authentically, how to cut loose and play, how to be both selfish and generous in the best ways. I define sex in the broadest sense – a full range of affectionate and sensual play and erotic expression. It’s way more than genital contact, and may not include genital contact at all. Most of what makes the difference between ho-hum sex and astounding sex is learned before ever getting your clothes off. You already know what body part goes where. Coaching enables you to find the rich, creative, playful, heartful, passionate and cosmic possibilities. Or – if you are struggling with sex and affection, coaching helps you find the key that brings you ease so you can relax and enjoy yourself however you like.



Elite Escort & model - The seduction by Angelo


A woman has a high level of sensitivity. She expects a man to have as much sensitivity. With Angelo, you finally have a man who has the art of seduction. With his sharp mind and tender sensibility, he brings enjoyment to the relationship. The humor helps to look at things positively. Tact and sensitivity are the essence of humor, and the primary qualities of the male escort. In the seduction game, wJames will be honest and pleasant. You will be in confidence. Because of its sensitivity, tact and humor, Angelo offers a pleasant moment of seduction. Choosing Angelo is being in full confidence in his attentions and intentions of seduction



Does seduction with a male escort is sincere?


If a woman is looking for sensitivity, confidence, humor in a man, she also requires honesty. Despite this game of seduction, male escort is sincere. He is sharing a moment with you. The male escort will listen to you if you talk about your feelings with your emotions.

Angelo is dedicated to you. You also participate in the game of seduction. It is pleasant for you to be admired by your male escort. With escorting the relationship of seduction and confidence is established in both directions. Then it releases your own power of seduction!



Multiple Orgasms for an ultimate Satisfaction.


If you are reading this then you are almost half way there to accomplish you fantasies. I am here to offer loads of pleasures, massage and fun, so if your partner has lost his drive or cheating on you then please do not hesitate to contact me and do not deprive yourself of fun. Remember do what you can do today rather than waiting for tomorrow, life's biggest failures are those people who did not realise how close they were to success when they gave up.















Scenario: Erotic fantasy to physically let go


If you have not heard about the popularity of the novel series, Fifty Shades of Grey,

by E. L. Angelo, then you are likely living under a rock. This romance novel's overnight smash

popularity is an indication of several things. Number one, women enjoy sex.

Number two, women do like erotica. And, number three, women enjoy their erotic

adventures wrapped in a handsome fantasy and safely packaged in a monogamous relationship.


Part of the success of Fifty Shades, is that there is a variety of sex scenes in the book in which

the main female character, Anastasia Steele, finds herself swept away by her own passion.

She is being ravished by a devilishly handsome and psychologically dysfunctional Christian Grey, with whom she has an immediate and lasting committed relationship. This monogamy allows her to experience many dangerous and edgy sexual adventures. The variety of erotic exploits allows for most of the book's intrigue.


UCLA conducted a study in which they found that 64 percent of women had "ravishment" fantasies. Ravishment is different than rape. We have spent many years teaching men that "no means no," and for good reason. But if "no" means "only playing" and "popsicle" really means no, because it is a safe word, than "no" can mean that I am only pretending that I am resisting you.


Being ravished makes sense on an anatomical level for women. A woman has to physically let go in order to orgasm. Letting tension build is one thing, but holding on to too much tension can prevent the natural release of orgasmic energy in the female body. Knowing that someone else is in charge, knows what he is doing and is determined to bring pleasure, can help a woman relax. Frankly, it means she does not have to take responsibility for her own pleasure. Receiving can be quite powerful and sexy in those moments.


I call this the "pirate" fantasy. Most women find Johnny Depp's drunken pirate character, Jack Sparrow, to be ravishing and sexy. However, that does not mean they want to be monogamous with Jack Sparrow. Instead, they want to be devoured by him on the deck of a ship. When the heroine is held down by the pirate and in a breathy and sexy voice says, "Oh no, Jack, please, no" and her bodice is ripped open, and she drops her head back, hair blowing in the wind, neck exposed to the villain, is she really saying "no?"


On the other hand, is she saying "No, please do not, but really, yes. Please seduce me now, then leave me alone because your teeth are bad and your breath smells like rum. I need to go find the real hero of the story so I can ride off into the sunset. But, for right now rip my bodice and get on with the ravishment!"











Sensory Deprivation: Blindfolds, Hoods, and Earplugs


When I take away your sense of sight or sound, your other senses become heightened. When you’re blindfolded by a professional male escort, noises sound louder, smells are more intense, and even the lightest touch can send chills down the spine. When you can’t hear anything or you can hear only one particular sound, you focus on what you can feel, smell, possibly see (if you can), or simply sense around you. Sensory deprivation play focuses on depriving women of sight or sound—with blindfolds, hoods, earplugs, headphones, or some combination of these. This deprivation can help to put her in a particular frame of mind; when wearing these devices women often feel curious and excited as she anticipate what might come next in a scene. Sensory deprivation toys can also help you focus on what’s happening to your body, making each sensation stronger.


Blindfolds come in polyester, satin, leather, and other fabrics, and it’s a matter of personal taste which you prefer. Some sleep masks—those that really block out light—work very well as blindfolds. Some blindfolds have an elastic strap; others fasten with Velcro or a buckle. An adjustable elastic strap is preferable to one that isn’t adjustable, although if there is enough give, a nonadjustable blindfold should be fine; just make sure the blindfold fits snugly but is not too tight. If you’re going to be lying on your back most of the time, then you may not want a blindfold with a buckle, since it can become uncomfortable against the back of your head pretty quickly. If you want to obscure someone’s vision but not take away their sight entirely, try a sheer scarf that’s folded several times.


Putting a blindfold on someone is a great way to neutralize the environment around them. If they can’t see, suddenly they have to rely on you to tell them what’s going on—or not; this is a great opportunity to shift a bottom’s sense of reality, spin a fantasy, or control what they know (or think they know). For some bottoms, a blindfold immediately makes them feel submissive; for others, it puts them off balance enough that they can slip more easily into a fantasy. Blindfolds can also give beginner tops a boost of confidence—it’s easier to project a sense of confidence, discipline, and precision if your bottom can’t see you fumble with a flogger!


If you enjoy the sense of helplessness that blindfolds provide, wearing a hood will take it to another level. Hoods can be made of different kinds of material from spandex to leather, but they have one thing in common: breathability. That may mean small holes in fabric, perforations in leather, or eye/nose/mouth cutouts. Like blindfolds, hoods obscure your vision, but they can do something more; some people have a profound loss of identity when they wear a hood. They can immediately feel small and submissive. Think about it: when your face is completely covered, you can feel erased, dehumanized, or objectified. This can be a useful tool if, for example, a bottom enjoys being “used” as a sex slave; a hood can transform someone into simply a mouth available to please her master whenever he chooses. It’s common to combine sensory deprivation with bondage.


Our sense of sound is one important way that we process information about what’s happening around us. Like a blindfold, taking away someone’s ability to hear can heighten their other senses and help them to focus on exactly what you want them to: the feel of ice melting and dripping between their breasts, the pinch of a clamp around their nipple, the sting of a cane. Using earplugs (available in most drugstores), you not only alter what a bottom hears but also turn up the volume of their own breathing, which can be an intense experience that connects them to their body and what’s happening to it.


Another way to play with the sense of sound is to control what the bottom hears. This isn’t exactly sensory deprivation; it’s more like sensory manipulation. Think about walking into an empty room. You hear a heavy metal song. Or a piano concerto. Or the deep base of techno music. Each one conveys a different tone. Put a pair of headphones on a bottom to fill their ears with a desired soundtrack, and it can set the mood for your scene. Perhaps the fantasy is to be taken advantage of under the bleachers during a football game. A soundtrack of cheerleading chants can help bring that to life. Or you want her to imagine having sex in public at an orgy. Put on your favorite group-sex scene in a porn movie, and you’ve got the sounds of other people having sex and coming all around you.


Let me help you experience a soft domination without any risk since you are in the hand of a professional male escort who just want to please you and provide you the best service of escorting.

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